Monday, 29 September 2014

The Book - Information on your orders not required!

Just for information 

- The book is a Print on Demand (PoD) book i.e. printing of a copy commences when payment is complete. That way there is no pile up of books or need for me to place a bulk order for printing.

- Extended Online Distribution is to commence from today i.e. it will be on Amazon and Flipkart from today, 1st October 2014

- It may not be available in retail bookstores
- does not inform the author about identity of those who order copy/copies of the book.

Maybe you all could consider that. Just place your orders in the anonymity and read. 

That way you will be happy and I too because I will not know who bought but only how many were bought.    

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Just The Bare Truth - How the Ministry of Defence deserts Armed Forces

Distribution/sale thru Amazon and Flipkart too. You may wish to check there too.

From the proceeds of the Print-on-demand (you place the order and then it is printed), I am supposed to get Rs 25/- per copy.

I will be contributing for causes of Veterans, details of which will be displayed & updated on this blog at fortnightly intervals.

Hope you enjoy the book and make constructive comments as I am preparing the next based on the complete disclosures from O/o CGDA under RTI Act, 2005.

Satyam Ev Jayate 


From the Op Ed page of Deccan Herald, Bangalore, 29 Sep 14

Monday 29 September 2014
News updated at 8:42 AM IST
A circus in New York
By B G Verghese, Sep 29, 2014, DHNS :
Modi’s address to the United Nations was a routine speech with nothing remarkable said. Yet, Indian commentators dissected it for hours. 

In a week when India triumphantly put a satellite into Mars orbit in a first try, the over-hyped visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to New York has assumed the proportions of a circus. All stops have been pulled out by wildly competing channels as though everybody is panting for 24x7 coverage. The RSS diaspora was rallied to fill every venue where Modi was to appear to augment the spectacle.

This is what we have now come to expect: shock and awe more than substance.
Two spoilers intervened early on. The Telegraph, Calcutta, (September 22) and the News-X channel discovered through their RSS contacts in the US that it was really Modi who won the Kargil War for India. In a proclaimed world scoop it was broadcast that Modi was in the US as an ordinary RSS pracharak when Pak PM Nawaz Sharif came begging then president Bill Clinton for a reprieve from disaster. Modi’s message, presumably channelled by RSS lobbyists in the US through diplomatic sources, tilted the balance and set the terms of a formula for financial sanctions that Clinton ultimately announced. 

The media did not take this nonsense seriously, but it was the damnedest lie peddled to show up Modi as the man of the hour. Stand down all you Kargil land and air heroes who showed incredible daring and perseverance against tremendous odds to vanquish a deceitful enemy and bring him to his knees. That is all gossip. There were no martyrs – only Modi. How dare these third rate Hindutva whippersnappers demean a historic and unique victory by seeking to attribute it to someone who was nowhere on the scene and probably did not even comprehend what was going on. The US president’s special assistant for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs Bruce Reidel sat through the entire negotiations and set it down for the record in a memo titled “American Diplomacy and the 1999 Kargil Summit at Blair House”. Modi and his so-called formulations simply do not figure. How could they? It was pure fiction.

As a member of the Kargil Review Committee, I was privy to all the military and diplomatic records. The truth is otherwise than the crude fabrications put out by a bunch of RSS clowns and liars glorifying a rank upstart in a most dishonest manner.  As usual, Modi and, surprisingly, the Foreign Office have been silent.

A few days earlier, the India-China summit concluded with less achieved than touted. Part of the reason was the Chinese intrusion into the Demchok area in Ladakh and a prolonged confrontation that had only just been resolved.

Embarrassing goof-up

Other things aside, the signing of some MOUs in Ahmedabad between President Xi and Modi, was accompanied by the distribution of two Gujarat-produced maps gifting Arunachal Pradesh and all of Aksai Chin and more to China. The gaffe was most embarrassing and was followed by ridiculous excuses that the maps were not official and were not appended to the formal agreements. None has been taken to task. The Foreign Office was kept at a distance and PMO and the Gujarat government handled the show to India’s discomfiture. Modi has remained silent.

And through the confrontation on the border, we did not even have a part-time Defence Minister as Arun Jaitley was hospitalised. We are moving from less government to no government!  


Addressing the UN General Assembly, Modi referred to India’s commitment to the beautiful idea of “vasudaivakutumbakam”, the world is my family. He is yet to learn the meaning of that noble phrase. 

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Hearing on 08 Oct 14 - Final List


COURT NO. 3    



30. CONMT.PET.(C) NO. 328/2013 IN
T.P.(C) NO. 56/2007
N.K NAIR & ANR                                              GP. CAPT. KARAN SINGH BHATI
SHASHI KANT SHARMA & ORS                       MR. B. V. BALARAM DAS

The Book

Have submitted the book for editing and proof reading and hope to release it on 8th October - Air Force Day as well as my name-sake (Sharad) purnima and MORE hopefully, the Hon'ble Supreme Court will hear and dispose off Contempt Petition (C) No. 328 of 2013.

Am assured that it would be available on line.

 Details will be communicated when they are ready for the first print run.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Extension of Benefit of Broad Banding of Percentage of Disability/War Injury.'

Please go to DESW website and access letter 'Rationalisation of Casualty Pensionary Awards for Armed Forces Officers and Personnel below Officer Rank (PBOR) invalided out from service prior to 1.1.1996: extension of benefit of broad banding of percentage of disability/war injury.'